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Maple in the County 'Sweet 16'- March 25 and 26th, 2017

Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 5pm

Come stop by our sugar shack and observe how sap is turned into maple syrup by our energy efficient combination wood or wood pellet fired evaporator. Enjoy Maple Butter on a english muffin, maple flavoured pulled pork on a bun, along with many other mouthwatering maple treats and products for sale. Hot beverages will also be available.

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Pure Maple Syrup is a unique and natural product produced exclusively by the concentration of sap from the maple tree. It is a natural sweetener that contains no added sugar, colouring agents, artificial flavourings, preservatives or other additives, and is a superior source of important nutrients and vitamins when compared to other sweeteners.

Unlike any other syrups and sugars, Maple Syrup is 100% natural and unrefined.

New International Grading System For Maple Syrup

A standardize international grading system is being introduced across Canada. 

Quick guide:

Extra Light and Light is now.................Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste 

  • The lightest syrup with a smooth, subtle maple flavour Flavouring whipped cream, maple candies, maple butter, drizzle over fresh fruit.

     Medium is now..............Grade A Amber, Rich Taste 

  • The classic – rich in maple flavour but still smooth & sweet Pancakes, over ice cream, natural sweetener for coffee, cereal. 

     Amber is now................. Grade A Dark, Robust Taste 

  • A heartier, stronger syrup for maple-flavour enthusiasts Sauces, glazes, candied nuts, pies, baking, homemade granola. 

    Dark is now.................. Grade A Very Dark, Strong 

  • Taste more like molasses with the most intense flavour Baking, baked beans, and for some consumers – pancakes and everyday use depending on tastes buds. 

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